Tina Galovic

Tina stepped into media industry in 2005, when she joined the finance team at the Croatian commercial TV company NOVA TV.

Only a year later, she moved to London and started her 5-year career journey in Central European Media Enterprises (CME), an international media company that owns and operates broadcast and production companies across six Central & Eastern European countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria). Over the next three years Tina carved her way through CME from finance through planning & analysis and business development (both broadcast and production) to hands-on operational management and supervision in CME Production Division.

From 2009, Tina was closely managing production companies across six CME countries, covering all areas from script development through to preproduction, shooting, postproduction, to distribution and sales, managing over 100 people and overseeing over 80 production projects at any time, predominately TV scripted and non-scripted ones, as well as features.
In May 2011, Tina became a freelance producer, and since then has produced a number of projects – several short films, a documentary, a comedy series (see TINA’S PREVIOUS FILMOGRAPHY for more details). Also, Tina worked as an associate producer on a Czech feature film during 2010, and is now working extensively as a producer on several features, under BOLD TURTLE Productions umbrella (see PRODUCTIONS for more details).

 As an independent producer, Tina has been involved hands-on in the production process from start to finish – generating script ideas, writing and/ or contributing to final scripts, script breakdown, shoot scheduling, budgeting, fund raising, location scouting, casting, crew hiring and management, on-shoot work, postproduction, distribution. 

Alongside the true passion for production, Tina holds strong financial background, strong analytical and communication skills, personal dedication and continuous strive for improvement. 


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